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Between 2012 and 2016, employers will have to automatically enrol all eligible employees in a qualifying pension scheme and make contributions to their plan

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Group Pensions

Group PensionsPensions in recent times, for both good and bad reasons, have barely been out of the press. The days where employers would guarantee their employees generous Final Salary pensions are on the way out and companies are now faced with not only a difficult choice of what sort of pension scheme to implement, but also, how much to contribute in order to attract and retain employees.

Considering your own company objectives and the pending legislative changes to pensions, we aim to provide tailored solutions to your needs.

As part of our service we will help you to:

  • Launch or migrate existing pension arrangements
  • Provide you with advice on winding up, or closing down an existing scheme
  • Design, Implement and Administer your pension and benefit programme
  • Ensure that your pension arrangements are up to date with the rapid changes in the pension industry
  • Provide your employees with the information they need to make informed decisions to ensure they save adequately for their retirement

Group Personal Pensions verses Group Stakeholder Pensions

A Group Personal Pension (GPP) is a group of individual personal policies operated by the employer and paid directly from Payroll. GPPs are often "Stakeholder friendly". This means that you can choose all the options offered by a stakeholder contract, without all the restrictions of a stakeholder contract. Generally, a GPP offers far greater choice and flexibility than a stakeholder, so is often considered a superior contract. Similar to Occupational Scheme members, individuals in a GPP build up their own pension funds, however unlike Occupational schemes the investment responsibility lies solely with the individual. GPPs are considered the most flexible and cost effective scheme available to employers and employees alike.